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SMU @ Tulane

Game Spread for HomeTeam -8.5


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Albany NY @ UMass Lowell

Game Over/Under 143.0

Stephen F. Austin @ New Mexico State

Game Spread for HomeTeam +1.0


RKC Waalwijk vs. Go Ahead Eagles

Total Over/Under 2.0

Vila Nova FC GO vs. Gremio Anapolis GO

Match Spread for HomeTeam -1.25

Mythic vs. Vendetta

Match Spread for HomeTeam 1.5

BIG Academy vs. Metizport

2nd Map Spread for HomeTeam -7.5

BIG Academy vs. Metizport

1st Map Spread for HomeTeam -7.5


Maritimo vs. FC Porto

Total Over/Under 2.0

Adam Fugitt vs. Yusaku Kinoshita

Fight Over/Under 2.5


Rennes vs. Strasbourg


Union Berlin vs. Mainz 05

Match Spread for HomeTeam -0.25

FC Utrecht vs. Heerenveen

Match Spread for HomeTeam -0.5

Stuttgart vs. Werder Bremen

Match Spread for HomeTeam -0.25

Fiorentina vs. Bologna

Match Spread for HomeTeam -0.5