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Fairlay Fees

Market Commission

Fairlay has a new commission system - from now on, the more you bet with us, more reductions you'll get. These reductions are shown in details with the formulas listed in the table below.

Let's say, for example, that you win a bet of 10mBTC at 2.3 odds. You'll get a gross profit of 13mBTC. As our base commission is 0.4%, you'll pay a commission of 0.052 mBTC and get a net profit of 12.94mBTC.

Now let's suppose that you've already made other bets and your weighted average paid commission is more than 1 mBTC. At this level, you'll have a 80% reduction in our base commission, paying only 0.08%. And if you're a member of our VIP Program, you'll have even further deductions, reaching up to 92.50% reduction, with a 0.03% commission.

Here are some key points you should take into consideration:

  • The commission is charged on each market settlement that you win (you can check the column Net Profit on the settled order page). If you lose, no commission is charged.
  • Final Commission (%) = Market Commission * (1 - Fee Reduction/100) * (1 - VIP Reduction/100)
  • The market base commission is shown on each market page. The majority of our markets have a 0.4% commission. Check the market's commission before placing your bet.
  • Fee Reductions are calculated based on the weighted average paid commissions per month during the last 3 months (*).
  • The VIP Reduction is permanent and does not depreciate over the time.
  • An additional 0.1% commission is charged if you opt-out from our on hold rule (FAQ).
  • All markets are settled according to the reduction levels at settling time.
Weighted average paid commission (*) Fee Reduction Total Reduction Your Market

(*) per month taking into consideration the current and last 3 calendar months. More recent months have a slightly higher weight factor.

Example 1: if you paid 0.1mBTC in commission each day for the last 4 months, this value should be around 3mBTC.

Example 2: If you paid 0.1mBTC in commission each day for the last 30 days and nothing before, this value should be around 1.5mBTC

Withdraw Fees

Developer Fees

New API account 0.01 mBTC
100.000 requests 0.01 mBTC