Democrats Party presidential nominee

Who will run for the Democrats for president in the 2016 election.

The Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2016 will take place in the 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories prior to the 2016 general election to determine the Democratic Party's nominee for the Presidency of the United States. Incumbent president and 2012 nominee Barack Obama is ineligible for reelection, due to term limits under the Twenty-second Amendment.


Total predictions: 39

Total placed: 6,597.80 mBTC

Unmatched: 658.25 mBTC

Closing in: 7 months from now

Bitfinex will lose at least 1 Mio USD worth of customer funds till 2016

If several customers file legimate claims against Bitfinex over 1,000,000 USD and Bitfinex cannot pay until end of January 2016, this bet resolves to "yes".

Total predictions: 25

Total placed: 3,297.21 mBTC

Unmatched: 2,903.68 mBTC

Closing in: 1 month from now

OKCoin to lose customer funds in 2015?

This bet resovles to "True" if OKCoin.cn or OKCoin.com loses funds of several clients without compensation. The total amount of funds lost must be greater than 3 million USD.

Total predictions: 5

Total placed: 2,515.00 mBTC

Unmatched: 2,260.00 mBTC

Closing in: 3 weeks, 2 days from now

Republican Party presidential nominee

Who will be elected to be the Republican Party presidential nominee for the 2016 US presidential election?

This market will be settled on the candidate voted to be the Republican Party nominee as a result of the 2016 Republican National Convention.


Total predictions: 32

Total placed: 4,396.92 mBTC

Unmatched: 2,569.79 mBTC

Closing in: 7 months, 1 week from now

Will the block size limit be raised?

The event will be resolved to "Yes" if at least one block with a size of greater than 1MB will be included in the main Bitcoin blockchain by the date of resolution. For this a hard fork would be necessary. The main Bitcoin blockchain will be the chain with the most proof of work.

Total predictions: 34

Total placed: 3,834.83 mBTC

Unmatched: 1,376.10 mBTC

Closing in: 3 months from now

Will at least one country drop the Euro within 2015?

Considered fulfilled if one of Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, or Lithuania decides to drop the Euro as official currency until 2016-01-01. Countries like Andorra or Saint-Barthélemy are ignored.

Total predictions: 40

Total placed: 1,467.35 mBTC

Unmatched: 541.87 mBTC

Closing in: 1 month from now

MH370 will be found before 2016

Positively identified remains of flight MH370 will be found by the end of 2015.

Total predictions: 8

Total placed: 176.31 mBTC

Unmatched: 139.98 mBTC

Closing in: 1 month from now

The blocksize limit will be raised >2MB

If the Bitcoin Client that is used by the majority of the companies Coinbase, Bitpay, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, OKCoin, Kraken and Huobi allow blocks that are bigger than 2MB this bet resolves as True.

Total predictions: 3

Total placed: 130.00 mBTC

Unmatched: 130.00 mBTC

Closing in: 9 months, 1 week from now

SuperNET in top 5 of coinmarketcap before 2016

The NXT asset SuperNET/Token will have a market cap that is greater or equal to the market cap listed on place five on coinmarketcap.com before 2016.
This event will resolve to "yes" as soon as the market cap calculated of SuperNet is in the top five for a week in a row. The market cap is calculated for each day based on the average price. At least one of the seven consecutive days needs to have a trading volume of an equivalent of >$10,000. Otherwise this event will resolve to no on the date of resolution.

Fairlay will resolve this event in a constructive way. If coinmarketcap.com does not exist at the time of resolution or does not provide reliable information, Fairlay will use another appropriate source.

Total predictions: 9

Total placed: 175.00 mBTC

Unmatched: 72.77 mBTC

Closing in: 1 month from now


TSV Rain am Lech vs. SV Schalding Heining - Match Over/Under 2.5

Unmatched: 3,527.80 mBTC

Closing in: 1 day, 22 hours from now

FC Amberg vs. Viktoria Aschaffenburg - Match Over/Under 2.5

Unmatched: 3,696.83 mBTC

Closing in: 1 day, 22 hours from now

Soles de Mexicali vs. Fuerza Regia de Monterrey - Game Spread for HomeTeam -5.5

Unmatched: 1,628.15 mBTC

Closing in: 11 hours from now

California @ San Diego State - 1st Half Spread for HomeTeam +2

Unmatched: 2,821.04 mBTC

Closing in: 14 hours from now

Richmond @ West Virginia - 1st Half Spread for HomeTeam -3.5

Unmatched: 2,821.61 mBTC

Closing in: 7 hours from now

Closing Soon

Chaika Nizhny Novgorod vs. Tolpar Ufa - Game Over/Under 6

Closing in: 5 minutes ago

Chaika Nizhny Novgorod vs. Tolpar Ufa - Game Over/Under 5

Closing in: 5 minutes ago

Toros Neftekamsk vs. Chelmet Chelyabinsk - Game Over/Under 4.5

Closing in: 5 minutes ago

Chaika Nizhny Novgorod vs. Tolpar Ufa - Game Over/Under 4

Closing in: 5 minutes ago

* percentage not backed by a prediction